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IES is a one-stop shop for InfoSphere CDC/DataStage (DataMirror/DataStage) application services that can meet and exceed all requirements related to managing the current condition and future of DataMirror and DataStage systems.

Our Application Services Solution enables you to leverage your current investment in data centers, servers, network and application infrastructure by remotely managing the application environment.

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IES’ solution includes the following:

Systems Management
IES provides system administration for our clients worldwide, including the installation of the application within your company’s data center environment and continued maintenance of a highly available system.

Database & Application Administration
IES provides database administration for our clients worldwide, including instance setup and maintenance, concurrent manager maintenance, and sustenance of a highly available system.

System Audits
To build and maintain highly effective and efficient systems, IES performs a system audit before transitioning clients into our data centers and periodically thereafter. Components audited include application configurations, application performance, and system security.

Monitoring & Reporting
To detect and resolve problems before they arise, IES performs proactive monitoring and reporting services as part of our outsourcing solution. This includes monitoring system processes, CPU utilization, memory/swap utilization, and long running requests.

Transition & Maintenance
To transition client systems into IES Support and maintain them thereafter, IES uses its Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) process, which employs weekly planning sessions to ensure system efficiency and effectiveness.

Change Management
To meet continually changing requirements, IES will integrate our application support efforts to ensure that all change control is decided upon with enterprise visibility.

Help Desk Support
IES provides a 24x7 Help Desk that is staffed with experienced Oracle experts ready to resolve our client’s issues.

IES Help Desk
IES offers a 24x7 Help Desk for resolving application related issues in terms of the DataMirror/DataStage environments. All inquiries received by the Help Desk are recorded, tracked, and analyzed to ensure the functionality and efficiency of the operating environment.

IES Support Team
IES team members have more experience working with DataMirror/DataStage than any of our competitors, averaging 5+ years on DataMirror/DataStage applications.
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