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Acce1erator Toolkit™

IES’ Acce1erator Toolkit™ compliments Oracle’s Business Accelerators and furthers the effort of accelerating each phase of an implementation by providing a template for the major deliverables of each phase of a project:

  • Requirements-gathering Questionnaires (pre-seeded with best practices)
  • Integrated Business Processes (tied to Doc Types and Order Activity rules)
  • Master Data Records (UDC field analysis; pre-seeded with best practices)
  • Chart of Accounts & Business Units Design (honed for EnterpriseOne)
  • End-user Security Profiles (listing detailed programs & segregation of duties)
  • CRP Scripts (with processing options and detailed key-stroke instructions)
  • End-user Quick Reference Cards (with detailed key-stroke instructions)

IES’ Acce1erator Toolkit™ has a variety of advantages, including:

  • Jumpstarting each phase of an implementation from Discovery through Support
  • Lowering the risk through a reliable and predictable model
  • Reducing cost by lowering both resources required and shortening the timeline

IES’ Acce1erator Toolkit™ leverages years of experience and over 20,000 work hours and it will accelerate the delivery of your integrated business processes.

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